My Scrapbook Obsession 

My grandma and my mom scrapbooked, so I guess it’s in my blood. Every year for our anniversary, my gift to my husband is a scrapbook filled with the memories we made that year. I love looking through pictures, stacking them up by date, then going crazy decorating each page. I re-live the best parts of the year while I create my scrapbook.

As much as I love those photo albums that you just slide pictures into, I adore the look and feel of a scrapbook. I feel like I am creating a time capsule for myself and my family to flip through for generations to come. I am telling a story about our life that can be enjoyed and understood long after we have forgotten all the little details.

I only do this once a year. It takes me about a week of intense focus and creativity. During that time my kitchen table is filled with paper, acid free adhesive, stickers, stamps, and stencils, Nobody is allowed to clean it up until my book is completely finished. Once I’m done everything gets packed up and stored in the closet for next year.

I plan making a scrapbook every year until I physically can’t anymore. I also want to make a book for each of my children. The book my mom made about me was probably my very favorite thing when I was little.

I am most definitely a bit old school. I think pictures and memories should exist somewhere besides my phone and Facebook. I feel like I am creating little treasures to be discovered by my great grandchildren. I picture their sly grins as they look at pictures of their parents as children. Scrapbooking helps keep me grateful for my simple, yet amazing life.


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